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Hide details for Mail RoutingMail Routing
GFALBFPB3JServer - Router - Fixed an issue where the Router's nightly mail journaling rollover on one server created a journaling database with a replica ID...
TMAIA7XEQVServer - Mail - Fixed an issue that recieved internet messages that do not have a Message-ID in the MIME header will have an incorrect (old) creation...
Hide details for Mail RulesMail Rules
JPAR9CBA6DServer - Mail Rules - Fixed an issue where the server mail rule "Sender contains AND To or Cc contains" was not working correctly
Hide details for MIMEMIME
LHUGBZN88DServer - MIME - Added additional checks when accessing an existing MIME directory to ensure that underlying 'backing' items have not been...
PLYSC8TL5VServer - MIME - Fixed an issue where debug logging/tracing for some MIME/IDN scenarios was not being written to the server console.
TSAOCHU3NHServer - Mail - MIME - Fixed an issue with incorrect handling of encoded phrases that were followed by an empty address field, <>. This regression...
Hide details for MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
STAACAC95WiNotes - Fixed an issue where some buttons on the Import Holidays dialog box appeared as corrupted in some UI languages on Chrome and...
KWAECBQ35XiNotes - Fixed an issue where the caption of the Cancel button was truncated on the Folder dialog box on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge in some...
KWAECBR4YUiNotes - Fixed an issue where unexpected scroll bars appeared on the Create Folder dialog box opened from Phone Message form if there are many...
KWAECBUA4XiNotes - Fixed an issue where a very long custom warning message for certificate expiration and password expiration was not correctly...
KWAECBUBG4iNotes - Fixed an issue where buttons and input field were overlapped on the password expiration dialog box in some language settings on Firefox,...
KWAECBX4M5iNotes - Fixed an issue where the title of the Edit Status Message - In a meeting dialog box was folded in some language setting.
KWAECBYBZMiNotes - Fixed an issue where the description on Deleting Calendar or To Do Entries dialog box didn't contain sufficient space in some language...
STAACD67ZGiNotes - Fixed a issue where attachment icon on action bar wasn't working.
SGHHCDABAZ iNotes - Fixed an issue where a cross origin exception would occur when another user's mail file on another server was opened as delegate and the...
MNIACDUJ9HiNotes - Calendar - Fixed an issue where an attendee was unable to accept an appointment once they had tentatively accepted.
WWHGC8TL6JiNotes - Fixed an issue where an ERR_PROTECTED error was logged in the server console when a document was archived from Verse
SVEACASJV7Templates - iwaredir.ntf - Fixed an issue there were differences in the login form in the browser on a mobile device (smart phone) versus a computer,...
RMAACD8S5KiNotes - iwaredir.ntf - Fixed an issue where custom background color configured in iwaredir.nsf was not getting applied when showing the redirection...
UMAKCDDKWEiNotes - iwardir.ntf - Improved help text for how to add a custom logo to the login form.
CSAHCCRGS9iNotes - Mail - Fixed an issue where restoring a message that had MIME attachments from mail archive would result in the attachments being missing in...
NBALC6EHNHServer - AIX - Fixed an issue on AIX where server would get into a hang state. Server console would begin to be slow to respond and long held lock...
HGARCGFB55iNotes - Fixed an issue where when a new copy of a mail database with an archive profile is created on the server, the newly created database copy...
Hide details for Misc/UnknownMisc/Unknown
VVENCBMQM5Admin Client - Tools - Fixed an issue where a "File does not exist" error would be given while creating a database link within a new folder using...
Show details for Networking & DialupNetworking & Dialup


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